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LANCS workshop on Air Transportation

(January 2014)

Dissiminating knowledge, exchanging ideas, building collaborations

The LANCS workshop on air transportation took place in Nottingham on 21st and 22nd of January 2014. The list of attendees included members from SINTEF, the Universities of Bristol, Loughbourough, Southampton, Nottingham, London City, and Stirling. Important subjects that were covered include airport ground movement, integrated airport operations, green airport ground movement, gate assignment, runway sequencing, and airline crew scheduling. Some of the presentation are made available below (with the permission from the authors).

14:00Talks and discussion session 1 - room LT1 Exchange building
14:00Introduction and welcome, Jason Atkindownload
14:05The work at Stirling, John Woodward
14:15The work at Nottingham, Jason Atkindownload
14:35SINTEF's experiences in the Air Traffic Management industry, Patrick Schittekat
15:00Opportunity for people to summarise their own institution’s work
15:10Airport ground movement: real world data sets and approaches to handling uncertainty, Sandy Brownleedownload
16:00Talks and discussion session 2 – room LT1 Exchange building
16:00Towards greener airport ground movement using multi-objective optimisation, Michal Weiszerdownload
16:30New Optimisation Model and Heuristic for the Gate Allocation Problem, Una Benlic
16:50Receding Horizon Approach to the Gate Allocation Problem, Urszula Neuman
17:15A brief introduction to the Innovate Programme, Christofas Stergianos
09:30Talks and discussion session 3 – room LT1 Exchange building
09:30The integrated interface of airport operations, Yan Zhexingdownload
10:00Optimization and Control of Airport and Air Traffic Flow, Arthur Richardsdownload
10:25Pruning rules for optimal runway sequencing: principles and applications, Geert De Maere
11:30Talks and discussion session 4 – room LT1 Exchange building
11:30Solving a Large-Scale Crew Pairing Problem, Gunes Erdogan
12:00Airline reserve crew scheduling under uncertainty, Chris Bayliss