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Citing HyFlex

If you use HyFlex for your research, we kindly ask you to acknowledge it in the respective publications by citing the following article:
  • G. Ochoa,  M. Hyde,  T. Curtois,  J. A. Vazquez-Rodriguez,  J. Walker,  M. Gendreau,  G. Kendall, B. McCollum, A. J. Parkes,  S. Petrovic,  E. K. Burke HyFlex: A Benchmark Framework for Cross-domain Heuristic Search. (2012).  European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation (EvoCOP 2012), LNCS series, Vol. 7245, Springer. [bib entry].

Other Documentation

A number of presentations, refereed conference papers and technical reports related to the competition and the HyFlex framework are listed below.

Presentations (slides)

  • Automated Heuristic Design tutorial (pdf), given at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference - GECCO 2011, Dublin Ireland
  • Competition launch presentation (pdf), given at the PATAT conference, 12th August 2010, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
  • Hyper-heuristic tutorial (pdf) given at the World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

Conference Papers

Extended Abstracts

Technical Reports

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