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HyFlex and chesc.jar Version History

  • 26/09/11 - The file (chesc_benchmark.zip) contains the program and results for calculating the CHeSC 2011 competition scores, and comparing new hyper-heuristics to these results.
  • 05/08/11 - New chesc.jar version including the hidden domains and instances.
  • 05/08/11 - The program used for running the competition is now available (CompetitionRunner.java)
  • 05/07/11 - The program used for selecting the competition instances is now available (CompetitionInstanceSelector.java)
  • 03/06/11 - The files  ScoreCalculator.java and MultipleScoreCalculator.java have been updated to fix a floating point rounding issue.
  • 31/05/11- Fixed a minor bug in the Personnel Scheduling domain where a local search heuristic occasionally returned a worse solution.
  • 26/05/11 - The program for calculating the score of a single hyper-heuristic (ScoreCalculator.java) has been updated to reflect the more recent competition software.
  • 24/05/11 - bug fixes to the Max-SAT domain.
  • 23/05/11 - A program for calculating the scores of several hyper-heuristics (instead of just one) has been made available (MultipleScoreCalculator.java)
  • 23/05/11 - Some minor typos in the HyFlex examples have bee been corrected (Examples.zip)
  • 20/05/11 -minor bug fixes. Removes one crossover heuristic (index 15) from the flow shop domain, which was shown to cause a bug.
  • 15/03/11 – minor bug fixes. Changes to the categorisation of some local search and mutation heuristics, in the Max-SAT and Bin Packing domains (please see the updated technical reports for those domains). Some new instances were added to the SAT domain (replacing some old instances) to add variety.  The ScoreCalculater.java file has also been changed.
  • 10/12/10 – bug fixes
  • 25/10/10 – bug fixes
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Last Updated:  26 September 2011 by Gabriela Ochoa.