OR53 Registration

Competitors who would like to attend the OR53 conference must register by 29th July.
The official conference registration deadline is the 15th June, but CHeSC competitors have the privilege of being able to register late for the conference, at the 'early registration fee' rate.
This information is necessary to allocate the free registration and accommodation prizes.
To take advantage of this late registration ability, please send an email by 14th July to chesc[at]cs.nott.ac.uk containing your name and the subject line "OR53 late registration". This will NOT register you for the conference, but it will mean that you will have the option to do this by the 29th July, if you want to. The OR society requires this list of competitors who may register late, so that they can plan for it on their registration system.
The three winners of the competition are strongly encouraged to attend the conference, to take part in the CHeSC stream, and to receive their prizes!

Competition Submission

Competitors should prepare a zip file containing the following:
  • A java file that contains a subclass of the hyper-heuristic abstract class.
  • A text file identifying the name and institution of the creator(s) of the hyper-heuristic
  • An extended abstract in PDF (max. of 4 pages, in Springer LNCS style) describing the proposed approach.
The zip file should be sent by e-mail (with subject 'CHeSC 2011 Submission') to:  chesc[at]cs.nott.ac.uk before the submission deadline (June 15, 2011, 23:59h UK time)

Competition Registration

The competition registration deadline has now passed.
Interested parties should prepare a text file containing the following (for the representative or corresponding participant):
  • Name
  • Email
  • Affiliation details
Notice that this indicates and expression of interest, and does not oblige you to eventually make a submission. The text file should be sent by e-mail (with subject 'CHeSC 2011 Registration') to: chesc[at]cs.nott.ac.uk before the registration deadline (May 15, 2011).

Registered participants will be added to the chesc-competitors[at]cs.nott.ac.uk mailing list. So they can receive relevant news and updates, an discuss any relevant issue.

Leaderboard Submission

To participate in the weekly rehearsal competition and be included in the Leaderboard, the (registered) participants should  submit a text file containing 40 real numbers (consider also the Leaderboard Rules). These numbers should correspond to the best objective values obtained by a 'typical run' of their algorithm on the 40 competition training instances (10 instances per domain).  Specifically, the file should contain 4 lines (one per domain) of 10 comma separated numbers. The results should appear in this order: 1) MAX-SAT, 2) bin packing, 3) personnel scheduling and 4) flowhsop,  as follows:

msat1, msat2, msat3, …, msat10
binp1, binp2, binp3, …, binp10
pers1, pers2, pers3, …, pers10
flow1, flow2, flow3, …, flow10

Please name your file with a descriptive acronym for your algorithm. Include also the URL of your personal work web page if you wish us to include a link to it from the Leaderbord. The file should be sent by e-mail (with subject 'CHeSC 2011 Leaderboard Submission') to:  chesc[at]cs.nott.ac.uk. Submissions are welcome at any time (before the Leaderboard submissions deadline: June 07, 2011). To be considered for the weekly Leaderboard update, competitors should submit their entries before 6:00 AM on Thursdays. Only one submission per week is allowed.

Last Updated:  14 June 2011, by Gabriela Ochoa.