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A List of Survey/Overview/Discussion Papers in Educational Timetabling and General Timetabling Resources (Feb 2008)

Full list of papers in the proceedings of the PATAT 2006 conference.

Full list of papers and Selected papers in the proceedings of the PATAT 2004 conference.

[1] H. Asmuni, E.K. Burke, J. Garibaldi, B. McCollum, and A.J. Parkes. An investigation of fuzzy multiple heuristic orderings in the construction of university examination timetables. Computers and Operations Research, 36, 2008.
[2] E.K. Burke, T. Curtois, G. Post, R. Qu, and B. Veltman. A hybrid heuristic ordering and variable neighbourhood search for the nurse rostering problem. European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), 188, 2008.
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[4] G.N. Beligiannis, C.N. Moschopoulos, G.P. Kaperonis, and S.D. Likothanassis. Applying evolutionary computation to the school timetabling problem: The greek case. Computers and Operations Research, 35, 2008.
[5] R. Qu, E.K. Burke, B. MMcCollum, L.T.G. Merlot, and S.Y. Lee. A survey of search methodologies and automated approaches for examination timetabling. Journal of Scheduling, 12, 2008.
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[7] M. Marte. Towards constraint-based school timetabling. Annals of Operations Research, Special Issue on Personnel Scheduling and Planning, 155, 2007.
[8] S. Petrovic, Y. Yang, and M. Dror. Case-based selection of initialisation heuristics for metaheuristic examination timetabling. Expert Systems with Applications, 33, 2007.
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[10] S. Abdullah, S. Ahmadi, E.K. Burke, and . Dror. Investigating ahuja-orlin's large neighbourhood search approach for examination timetabling. OR Spectrum, 29, 2007.
[11] S.M. Al-Yakoob and H.D. Sherali. A mixed-integer programming approach to a class timetabling problem: A case study with gender policies and traffic considerations. European Journal of Operational Research, 180, 2007.
[12] G. Beddoe and S. Petrovic. Enhancing case-based reasoning for personnel rostering with selected tabu search concepts. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 58, 2007.
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[15] C. Head and S. Shaban. A heuristic approach to simultaneous course/student timetabling. Computers and Operations Research, 34, 2007.
[16] S. Abdullah, E.K. Burke, and B. McCollum. Using a randomised iterative improvement algorithm with composite neighbourhood structures for the university course timetabling problem. In K.F. Doerner, M. Gendreau, P. Greistorfer, W.J. Gutjahr, R.F. Hartl, and M. Reimann, editors, In Computer Science Interfaces Book Series. Springer Operations Research, 2006.
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[20] G. Beddoe and S. Petrovic. Selecting and weighting features using a genetic algorithm in a case-based reasoning approach to personnel rostering. European Journal of Operational Research, 175, 2006.
[21] E.K. burke, P. De Causmaecker, S. Petrovic, and G. Vanden Berghe. Metaheuristics for handling time interval coverage constraints in nurse scheduling. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 20, 2006.
[22] E.K. Burke, B. MacCarthy, S. Petrovic, and R. Qu. Multiple-retrieval case based reasoning for course timetabling problems. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 57, 2006.
[23] E.K. Burke, S. Petrovic, and R. Qu. Case based heuristic selection for timetabling problems. Journal of Scheduling, 9, 2006.
[24] M. Chiarandini, M. Birattari, K. Socha, and O. Rossi-Doria. An effective hybrid algorithm for university course timetabling. Journal of Scheduling, 9, 2006.
[25] A. Dammak, A. Elloumi, and H. Kamoun. Classroom assignment for exam timetabling. Advances in Engineering Software, 37, 2006.
[26] J. Li and U. Aickelin. Bayesian optimization algorithm for nurse scheduling. In M. Pelican, K. Sastry, and E. Cantu-Paz, editors, Scalable Optimization via Probabilistic Modeling: From Algorithms to Applications. Springer, 2006.
[27] S.A. MirHassani. Improving paper spread in examination timetables using integer programming. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 179, 2006.
[28] S.A. MirHassani. A computational approach to enhancing course timetabling with integer programming. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 175, 2006.

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